By Glacial Wood / May 23, 2016

Your Houzz Account: How to Make Social Media Work for You

You take pride in your craft – whether you’re designing staircases, remodeling a bathroom, or creating that custom piece of furniture for a customer. You work hard and let your craftsmanship do the marketing for you and your company. So when it comes to getting new customers, sharing your quality work, and getting referrals online – what do you do? There are many website platforms that can help you with the heavy lifting so your company thrives. 


Many companies use websites like Houzz and Pinterest to post pictures of their products. Their hope is that users will click on these images and purchase their products. Both platforms serve similar purposes in that they allow people to save pictures they find interesting. Users are able to go back and view those pictures whenever they want for future projects or activities. 

However, Pinterest allows people to search almost every topic imaginable. From weddings and DIY crafts, to tattoos and home decor, the options seem endless. It’s a good site for companies to use because of its popularity – however it might not be the best option. With Pinterest, there’s the potential that users won’t be able to find your photos, or users will save them and never look at them again. It’s also possible that a user never actually clicks on your picture to gain access to your website and company. And lastly, the audience on Pinterest is very broad, it isn’t tailored specifically to home remodels and design. 

Houzz on the other hand is “a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners
and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.” With Houzz, users can still save photos, but they can also join forum discussions and shop individual departments for home decor, bathroom, and bedroom essentials. More importantly, they are able to tailor searches for contractors, designers, and remodelers near them.


Creating a Houzz account gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents and work to people specifically interested in remodeling or design. The platform also allows you to provide your contact information, photo, and description on your profile. When people search for terms relevant to your company and the work you do, they will see multiple professionals and the reviews others have offered. This is a great way for referrals to work in your favor. When you create work for customers who love what you do or have a good experience with you, they can rave about it to others. You can be sure that if you utilize this platform in the right way, it will allow for new connections and growth for you and your company. 


The key to using Houzz is that you have to be active on it, just like any other social media platform. By using Houzz effectively, like Lake Shore Stair Company, you will be able to generate leads and gain customers. How did we find Lake Shore Stair Company through social media? We simply searched for “staircases & railings” on Houzz and were able to see that this company has five reviews and 18 different projects. Their projects range from rustic farmhouse styles to modern and contemporary. Lake Shore Stair Company displays pictures that users are able to save or ask questions about. We can see that this company is using this platform effectively due to their 87 followers and four Houzz Badges. 

Still need more convincing that Houzz will showcase your talent and company? Check out this video to hear some of the success stories between contractors and customers. 


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