By Glacial Wood / July 25, 2016

Your Reputation is Our Reputation: Keep it Positive

Having a solid reputation is vital to the success and growth of any business, in any industry. If people think your products are mediocre and your service is slow – they’re going to talk about it, and your potential customers will hear about it. 

You want to give your customers and clients the right products with top-notch quality, that ultimately gets them to come back and buy from you again. But how can you do that when you work with a manufacturer?  


Working with a custom manufacturer gives you access to staircase parts or components for your project that you don’t necessarily have. The best part about a custom process is that you can get those parts from a manufacturer and turn them into a design or style you love. Custom gives you power to create the details that matter in a project. It gives you options and the freedom to be creative and unique. And, it gives you a chance to build your reputation with parts that are exactly what your clients want. At Glacial Wood, we make it our priority to find, design, and manufacture the parts you need for each and every project – without affecting quality or lead time. 


We don’t just build wood products, we build partnerships. And the ones we build with our customers and clients aren’t easily forgotten. We put time into understanding the exact needs and wants for each project and product we undertake. Why? Because we know that when the final products are manufactured, they aren’t just going to have our name on it, they’re going to have yours too. 

Our custom process ensures you’re getting the design, price, and quality out of the wood parts and components you need for your project. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, because we know the impact an excellent product can have on a company and a customers’ life.

Unlike international manufacturers and third party vendors, our products are American-made and 100% custom to suit your specs and styles. Remember, your reputation is our reputation. We keep you and your clients in mind during every step of our process – satisfaction with your product is a must for us. 


The more a person tries out your products, the more likely they’re going to talk about them and your company to others (especially with social media these days). This is good news – as long as your products, and your name provide some benefit and satisfaction for them. The best part is that if you impress these customers enough, they can become your very own walking-talking-and-breathing brand ambassadors that market your company for free. Not only that, but they will most likely come back for more. 

Having repeat customers reach out to you and purchase more products, will boost your reputation – and hopefully ours too. Repeat customers also tend to be more brand loyal and be less price sensitive – all while reducing the amount of money you need to spend on marketing your business. They’re a win-win all around. We want both parties in this partnership to see the benefits from these repeat customers. This is why we place such a strong value on a custom process. We hope that by producing products you and your repeat customers enjoy, we can continue to work together to create products that exceed expectations and grow our businesses. 


We can help you find the best pricing options for your custom project.